Could Eye Pain and Jaw Pain be Caused by Liver and Kidney Infections?

by Angela


For the past several years, I have had pain in my left knee. Then, starting two years ago, I started getting pain and severe myopia in my left eye. This pain was triggered by a multitude of activities, including reading. I had seen countless eye doctors and neurologists, but most of them were baffled. They tried different treatments, yet nothing helped.

On October 17, I had the worst headache of my life. After that, I started frequently getting headaches and seeing flashes.

Around the time the eye pain started, I also started getting pain in my left jaw. The eye pain and jaw pain both started a few months after I got all my wisdom teeth pulled out. The dentist numbed my mouth, and forced my four wisdom teeth out.

A few months after that, I started getting tooth pain. Although the dentist couldn't see a cavity, he performed a root canal. This did not help with relieving the pain at all.

Recently, I started seeing chiropractors. I am happy because, unlike the neurologists who said I would need medicines all my life (Though none of the medicines helped relieve my headaches anyway), the chiropractor thinks that there are natural ways to relieve my pain. The doctor did some kinesiology testing. He thinks my left knee pain is caused by a yeast infection in my stomach. He prescribed me a supplement for that. I still had the left knee pain after finishing the supplement. So he did more testing, and he thinks I have yeast in my liver. He suggested I take myrrh gum for that. I have been taking the myrrh gum for about a month now, and I'm still in knee pain.

Near the end of last week, he suggested I start a soil-based probiotic. I had been prescribed a lot of antibiotics during my childhood, so I think this probiotic will be very helpful.

I also had some bladder problems, so the chiropractor gave me a supplement for kidney detoxification.

He thinks that the kidney and liver infections are the underlying cause for my iritis (the eye pain).

I also had my TMJ out of joint, so he used a machine to put it in place. After weeks of using that machine, he now says my joint is in place--but I still have the jaw pain. He thinks the kidney infection may be causing my jaw pain. The pain is severe in my left jaw, but much less frequent in my right jaw.

Other symptoms include that my left leg is extremely weak, and my right leg is shorter than my left leg.

I am a college student and had always been an avid reader, and my chiropractor thinks that all the reading I did helped lead to my eye pain.

So now I have a couple of questions.

(1) Since I always like hearing second opinions, I would like to know, is it likely that the kidney and liver infections are the root cause of my eye pain and jaw pain? Could anything else likely be causing my pain?

(2) I am still in knee pain and eye pain (Though I think the eye pain is less frequent and severe than how it previously was.) I have been taking the kidney supplements for about a month, and the liver treatments for a while. Is it normal for these things to take so long to heal?

(3) I have grown up seeing a lot of MDs and DOs, but not DCs. Why didn't the MDs and DOs check whether I have a kidney infection and liver infection? Shouldn't they know this stuff? A neurologist's office did blood and urine testing that showed that I had yeast, and they just suggested I take an antibiotic. It didn't help me. Why didn't they check to see whether I had the infection in my kidney and liver? Why didn't they think that something besides my eyes or head could be the root cause of my eye pain and headaches?

(4) I have been trying to drink a lot of water, and I am on some liver detox supplements. I have started to eat a lot healthier and focus on eating more fruits, veggies, healthy oils, nuts, and seeds. Is there anything else I can do to expedite the healing of my kidney and liver?

(5) I am still really confused that no MDs tried to check to see whether my kidney or liver could be causing the problem. Do they have less training in this area than DCs? Before I started seeing a chiropractor, I thought that MDs had the most training out of all medical professionals. Yet during most of my time only seeing MDs, they didn't help me at all. They simply prescribed headache and eye medicines that didn't relieve my pain. Do they get less training in diagnosing the root causes of pains than chiropractors have? My chiropractor does a lot of kinesiology testing. Is this his way of finding more information than MDs find? Do any MDs or DOs do kinesiology testing?

I am just really confused about my situation, so I am hungry for hearing other people's opinions about it! Thank you for listening to my experiences.


Hello Angela,
You're in a mine field, and frankly I'm damned if I do, and damned if I don't!

I used to do a lot of kinesiolical testing, had my doubts, but it was the way I was trained. Then I read about a research project in which ten of the worlds top chiropractic kinesiologists were tested. Their finding were in such disagreement, that I abandoned my use of AK testing. That's just me, and I'm not necessarily saying it's wrong. But I personally have serious doubts that kinesiological testing can be used to test kidney and liver disease, and whether they are causing these eye and facial symptoms. If the treatment is working for you, well and fine.

Far more likely, from what your write, I would suspect this has to do with your dental work and the your jaw joints. But I'm not on the ground to examine you, and you should probably treat this with a pinch of salt!

What's really positive is that you have started eating a lot more healthily. That is absolutely huge and of great benefit. The all American diet is crap frankly, excuse my French, so you've made an important step up to better health overall, even if doesn't help this problem.

Look for a chiropractor perhaps who specialises in the jaw joint, and get a second opinion. Phone your local chiropractic association for a couple names.

I suspect I've just muddied the waters, Angela. Struggle through this, apply your own mind, just as you doing right now by writing to me. Talk to people, question and think. Listen to your own instincts.

Good luck, and let us know how you get on. Jaw joint exercises might help by the way, and a bite plate.

Dr B

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