Costochondritis, straight thoracic spine with mvp, thoracic degenerate disc

by Nikki
(Australia )

Hi, I am a 41 year old female, and I have deep pressure on my sternum; when it gets too bad I get very breathless. I use an inflammation gel and osteo Panadol. Only works for the top part of my ribs but doesn't relieve the pressure.
I have been diagnosed with costochondritis, straight thoracic back with MPV, thoracic degenerate disc in multiple disc, my shoulders have bursitis and tendonitis.

I have had the pressure in my sternum for 18 months now and is not getting any better. My doctor has suggested acupuncture but I am in enough pain and worry I will just end up in more pain.
Thank you for your help.

Hello Nikki,
There's a clear tie up between the midback, the ribs and the costosternal joints. In it's severest form there's a palpalble lump over the costochondral joint, often associated with indigestion and oesophageal reflux; then it's called Tietze's syndrome.

There's no proven treatment but that doesn't mean it can't be helped. However, a heavy posterior to anterior chiropractic manipulation will often increase the pain. So I use what's known as an anterior thoracic technique.

As a rule of thumb, six to ten chiropractic treatments will usually help by about 60-80 percent, but not cure it; would you be happy with that improvement and a monthly treatment? That's the best we have to offer.

But make sure your chiropractor doesn't thump you hard in the midback; it will worsen it.

Dr B

» Costochondritis, straight thoracic spine with mvp, thoracic degenerate disc

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