Costo sternal pain

by Mark Hugo
(Excelsior, MN (Marty Chiro))

Costo sternal pain


I just had a standard MD Physical. My standard MD told me that if he had 100 patients come in, my demographic, I'd be on the TOP of all the parameters which I was tested for. (Chest Xray, various listenings, PSA, 34 other items in blood, urine, feces..) Pulse, BP PERFECT. Glucose PERFECT.

Anyway, I strained myself major on the Monday of the last week, had the physical on Wed., after going through a "chest ache" centered on my sternum to begin with, and becoming more generic as the days went on.

OF COURSE that brought up the EKG, which was IDENTICAL TO 2 OTHERS over the last 18 months! Considering the Xcountry skiing, the biking, the inline skating...if I had a "heart problem" it would have shown.

Non-the-less, I still had the chest soreness. ACHE, strong... Thursday of the week (last night) I could really feel it. I did some research work and decided, maybe, Hiatel Hernia. BUT I decided to go into my Chiro.

We had a complete discussion, and he said: "No Mark, no H.H... but let me check some things."

You can imagine, he checked the various "weakness when stimulated" movements. ZEROED IN ON ONE RIB and worked to get that back into position.

IT SEEMS AS THOUGH I'M BETTER NOW. (Despite some minor, crawling, moving about aches...from the readjustment I believe.)

NOW WE'LL SEE what happens tonight. If the night/morning chest ache is can be assured, I will write a detailed letter to my Chiro.

THANKS FOR YOUR GOOD WORK! And trust me, having worked in medical devices for about 5 years, I'm well versed on all things "standard medical". The standard MD's have a "paradigm", and they ARE NOT WILLING TO ADMIT that there are skeletal/muscular things that can be "out of wack" and be put back in place by a "skilled practitioner".

Alas, the Chiro's don't have Latin, or a "medical dictionary" that they can "bally who" with, and really...sometimes use some rather vague terminology. I say the proof is in the RESULTS!

Hello Mark,
Many thanks for your telling contribution. Great.

Left untreated, that sternal pain can lead to Tietzes syndrome ... a VERY trying condition.

And actually sometimes IS associated with a hiatus hernia.

If your chiro fixed that in one visit, nominate him for the Guiness book of records. That's definitely worth a mention in despatches!

Remember the pain goes away faster than conditions heal. Be careful for a few weeks.

Dr B

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I hope this has contributed.

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