Correct treatment for aching in lower arm and wrist area due to nerve impingement.

by Deborah
(San Marcos, Ca.)

I find when I am on the computer too long I have an ache in lower arm and in the left wrist. I also have some stiffness in that hand and wrist. My chiropractor said the only way to adjust the upper spine was by firm quick twist of the head. He believed it was caused by nerve impingement. I am always sore after this treatment and he keeps telling me he is not adjusting my neck but the upper spine. Should I find a new chiropractor. I do not like this type of adjustment and dread going back.

Hello Deborah,
My question is: is the treatment helping the ache in your lower arm? Are you left handed and is that your mouse arm?

Do you get the ache if you don't go on the computer for a couple days?

Whilst you may have neck issues, I'm wondering if this is simply poor computer station posture; your mouse arm should certainly be supported at the elbow. On the desk or a small table next to your computer. Push the mouse pad well back on the desk near the monitor.

If you get some short term discomfort in the neck, and it's fixing the problem in your arm, then you must accept it; but is your arm any better now since undergoing the chiropractic treatment?

I'm a great believer in gut feeling; if you dread the treatment, yes, then I'd be inclined to go elsewhere.

Two more questions. If you raise your aching left arm and place it on your head, does it relieve or increase the ache?

In the search engine at chiropractic help, type in ULTT. Follow the link to upper limb tension test and let me know the result.

I hope this contributes. Keep your answer on this thread.

Dr B

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