Convexity tumour in head

by Anne

Does this hurt around your hip?

Does this hurt around your hip?

I have a convexity tumour in my head, herniated disks in the neck at levels 4-7, and disks in lower my back.

Bad pain from my neck across the back.

Pain down sides of both thighs which are very tender to the touch. Lower back pain goes into my anus. I can't sleep on either side.
Sitting is also very painful, and also walking too.

Hello Anne,
A convexity tumour is normally benign so is probably not responsible for your neck, lower back and thigh pain.

However the referral to the anus certainly needs medical investigation; that's not normally a chiropractic case, unless it has to do with your coccyx. Run your finger down the crack between the buttocks; is there a very tender point just before the anus?

Again, if the chiropractic examination reveals that the pain and tenderness down the side of your thighs is definitely from your spine, then an MRI scan is indicated. More likely though is a sacroiliac joint, hip, or trochanteric bursitis condition which is very treatable.

Only a very thorough chiropractic examination, with all your xrays and scans will tell whether one of my colleagues could help you; ask your doctor what he thinks and for the name of someone.

Dr B

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