Contraction/tightening under Right lower ribcage/Dual Groin Pain worse on Right side/Right low back pain

by Sandra
(Clayton, NC)

I have been trying to find the source of my pain for over a year now. It all started with a kickball game. I picked up my 4 year old grandson to help him play with some older kids. I was kicking the ball and running bases with him. Knocked a kidney stone loose and had a ureter balloon dilation surgery because the urologist said my right groin pain and right low back pain was ureter scar tissue. The pain remained after surgery.

Saw Ortho. Hip MRI suggested a small torn labrum. Orthopedic doctor gave me a cortisone injection and that relieved the right lower groin pain but not the low right back pain. A few months prior to the hip labrum injection I started with burning/throbbing both sided groin pain higher up on the inside of my hip joints.

I also have had an occasional contraction under my lower right rib cage since the kickball incident. It feels like a charlie horse sensation without the pain. I have continued to have the contraction off and on until January of this year and then the contraction came all the time causing severe back pain. I have been in the ER twice since Jan 5th with severe back pain. All tests are coming back normal. I have had MRI's of all areas of the spine incl cervical and all are normal.

Abdominal CT Scan was normal. Ortho says it's not my hip. Current symptoms are tightening/contraction under right rib cage, Right and Left groin pain but worse on the right, low right side back pain. I found your Maignes Syndrome article online and seems some of it fits. I am desperate and willing to try anything to get out of pain. Do you think
Chiropractic care would help and if so, could you recommend one in the Raleigh, NC area or surrounding area? Thank you!

Hello Sandra,
This is complex and the big question is whether these are all part of one syndrome, or really several different but overlapping areas.

Let's start with one little test. Lie on your back and pull your knee to your chest, make a circle, and then drop the knee into the lotus position. Then repeat with the other. The movements should be unrestricted and without pain, and the same in both hips. I take it you are 60-odd so some degenerative change in the hip joints would not be surprising, in which case you would have some stiffness and perhaps a little discomfort. Is the right hip in particular stiff and sore?

Secondly, bend slowly forwards, then backwards, and then to the right and left. Do you have any back pain (where?) and is there anything in the buttock, side of the hip or groin?

Do any of these movements provoke the pain you are complaining of?

Then, do you have any potential liver or gall bladder problems? Has anyone poked in what we call the Right Upper Quadrant of your abdomen, under the ribcage?

Lie on your tum and ask your hubby to press quite firmly in the back, starting in the midthoracic area and moving down to the sacrum. Is anything particularly sore?

Finally, are you doing any back exercises? I would recommend the Maigne's syndrome exercises done every morning in bed before arising, and in fact several times a day. They take less than two minutes.

Give me some very specific answers to the above questions. A wishy-washy superficial reply will get us nowhere.


Dr B.R. Lewis DC

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