Consulting a Chiropracror

by sylvia

Well i don't have any experience but I am a patient.

I'm very sick for long time but i don't have medical aid.

Please tell me how Chiropractors works
My friend told me about Dr.Berry

Hello Sylvia,
Perhaps it would be best if you were to visit this webpage about what to expect to when consulting a chiropractor:

Chiropractors treat the many joint problems in the body using manipulation, massage, rehab exercises and advice about diet.

The basic premise is that all the tissues of the body are supplied by nerves, and any disturbance of the neurological system can have a profound on the body. Many of these disturbances occur as the nerves emerge from the spine, so chiropractors focus on the spine, looking for "subluxations" - small displacements or fixation of the joints that may affect the nervous system.

However we also treat pain in all joints, for example the shoulder, elbow, hand, hip, knee and feet.

Dr Berry is a very experienced chiropractor.

I hope this contributes.

Dr B

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