Constant left rhomboid pain

by Julie Freyberger
(Evansville, IN)

One month ago I got this pain in the upper back deep by the shoulder blade. I saw my chiro and he just did some massage to area the but focused on the front area. Totally went away after two weeks and came back two weeks later. Did nothing but sit outside for dinner and it was chilly.

I did have scoliosis at 14 and have Herrington rod. I am 53 and have never had pain like this. Use heat and ice but no real relief. Take ibuprofen but still constantly hurting. No neck pain at all but have had neck pain in the past years.

Don't know how this happened and why it reoccurred after getting completely better two weeks ago. Any suggestions on exercises as its keeping me from sleeping this time around. It almost feels like a spasm as its sharp constant pain under left shoulder blade. No problem with numbmess anywhere either.

Can move shoulders fine too. Went to ER last night, XRay, EKG, blood work all normal. Any advice would be appreciated. Thinking about PT but just don't know what to do. Can't have MRI due to rod in back.

Hello Julie,
Deep upper back pain is a nightmare without the Herrington rods. That adds another complication. Could one of the screws be coming loose?

The rhomboid is supplied by the lower neck, so it can be a referral, local thoracic subluxation, or rib subluxation.

Where do the rods end? Just above and below are weak places. Is there any pain with breathing, and any discomfort between the ribs and the sternum?

If you chiropractor helped you once, why not back to him?

Dr B

» Constant left rhomboid pain

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