confused about my low back and rib pain

Hello I have pain in my left rib and goes down my back, butt and leg. Four years ago was in a car accident and had damage to my lower ribs very painful. Two years later same pain came back with what they call slipping rib. This eventually went away. Then again now two years later, I have pain in my left rib area plus pain lower back and it shoots down to my butt and down my leg to my knee. I have been to the ER twice where they say it is the same thing the rib, but I don't remember have the pain down to my butt; it is painful at times,comes and goes I am now on Lyrica, Muriel

Hello Muriel,
Whilst it's true that a low thoracic spine cum rib condition called Maignes syndrome can cause pain in the butt, this sounds to me like two different problems; one in your lower back and the other in the ribs.

Two simple tests will tell; bend slowly forwards. Is the naughty leg much tighter and even painful as compared to the other leg?

Secondly, sitting in a kitchen chair, straighten first the good leg parallel to the ground, lower it, and now the other. Is it much tighter in the leg where you are experiencing pain?

If these two tests are positive, it's mostly likely related to the sciatic nerve, and nothing to do with those ribs. But only a careful, thorough examination can confirm my suspicions.

Start looking for a good local chiropractor. Meantime start with our lower back exercises which you'll find in the nav bar on the left.

I hope this contributes.

Dr B

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