by Karen
(Massillon Ohio USA)

I am hopeful this is not costing me however, my symptoms started last May, 2019.

I had carpal tunnel surgery on January 27, 2020 with no relief, mind you, I never had pain, the only pain that I have is on my right side, between shoulder blade and spine. I have had injections, no relief.
I have had two MRI's they quoted that the T1 exit root is slightly compressed, but, they choose not to do anything about it.
My left hand and arm are starting to have the same issues, my right arm is my most concern, I have had to pay out a lot of cash flow, and yes, chiropractic services, physical therapy, not to mention, after carpal tunnel, I coded and had to have CPR. I need help, the physicians do not listen to me.
I've done your on hand testing, the tingling stays the same.
Please help.
In advance, I thank you!!

Hello Karen,
When the 'complete' arm is affected it means this is NOT a pinched nerve in the neck; nor in the carpal tunnel for that matter. If it affects your pinkie then the surgery should never have been done; of course it didn't help.

These are the things I would be checking:
1. Were the reflexes normal?
2. Use a needle to compare pinprick between right and left, especially testing the fingers and side of shoulder. Is there a definite difference, sharper or numb?
3. Is there weakness and perhaps wasting of the muscles developing? Can you do press-ups or does the triceps muscle tire very quickly? Can you open a tight bottle?
4. If you turn your head to the right and then look up does it cause pain, tingling, numbness anywhere? Specifically where?
5. In the Site Search function type in upper limb tension test. Is is much tighter in the right arm?
6. And lastly are any of the joints between the ribs and your breastbone tender. Is there a lump? And the same between the collarbone and your sternum.

You need to be very specific about your answers to all of these questions if you want a useful response from me. You will have to ask your doctor about the reflexes, but the rest you can do at home. Take your time, make notes, do this thoroughly, or don't bother replying.

And please reply on a computer, not a cellphone, in proper grammar including capitals otherwise I have to again correct your English which I'm not prepared to do again.

Dr B.R. Lewis DC

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