Coldness on the inside of my leg

by Emily

My right leg feels cold on the inside, runs all the way down my leg and up my right buttock now. It does not hurt at all just feels like cold water is being pushed through the back of my leg.

A few weeks ago, I had some pain in my right buttocks upon waking in the morning that went away after walking around. Now I have no pain, just this cold feeling on the inside of my leg.

I'm not sure Emily. What is needed is to stretch the sciatic and femoral nerves and see if the leg is very tight or painful.

If you go to any page at Chiropractic Help, find the search function in the menu bar at the top, and type in Flip test for sciatica, that will assess the first.

The femoral nerve is more difficult.

If you bend forwards, backwards and to the side do you get no pain or tightness in the leg? Or that coldness?

Try pricking the area with a needle and comparing with the other side. Is there a difference?

Is there no pain in the groin?

A piriformis syndrome needs to be considered too. Watch out to see if the leg starts to conk, especially at the knee on the stairs.

Like all conditions, if it is not improving with a week or two, see your chiropractor or doctor.

Let me know how it develops. I hope this contributes.

Dr B.R. Lewis DC

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