Cold stiff feet and two inches height loss

by william
(kitchener ont. canada)

Cold stiff feet and two inches height loss

I had been serving some prison time I was transfered to the s.h.u about 20 years ago, a guard had jumped on my back and I couldn't move when I got to the s.h.u.

I was given a wheel chair and left in a cell for 90 days; I could not get out of my bed, I was chair bound for 6 months.

I taught tae kwon do before incarcerated, and I returned to my job when released; every year in September I would get this crazy pain in my back and I would end up in bed for days, I needed to quit my work as a martial art instructor due to pain.

I'm now 43 and have been having pain in what seems like my left kidney and I pee about 60 times a day. I have had many tests on my organs.

My wife and I have noticed that I've lost 2 inches in height in 7 years as we measured our kids height on one of our walls in the house and we did mine as well, and we did it again a couple of weeks ago and noticd the difference.

My left leg feels shorter then my right and my hip has been really sore for a few months (6); the pain used to come and go now it is always there I've been dealing with this on my own since as I've become able to adapt to things but this is really effecting everything I do, please help me I'm in a lot of pain all the time and it's getting harder and harder to walk; the pain is mostly in my left hip and lower back just above my tailbone.

Hello William,
Your's is a long sad tale of pain, and now increasing disability.

The first step is an xray of your spine and pelvis; if you've had, then please send me the report. Ask for the xrays to be taken erect, with you standing.

You've probably had a compression fracture in the back, but that's speculation.

Let me know.

Dr B

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