Cold left arm after running

Why does my left arm go ice cold after a run; it usually starts after 2 miles, in winter or in the heat of the summer?

I would start with an examination known as Adson's test; does the pulse in your wrist diminish when you turn your head to the left, look up and take in a deep breath.

Both the artery and the brachial plexus to the arm pass though a narrow gap known as the inter scalene triangle.

A fixated first rib, a chiropractic condition, a scalene spasm, perhaps a physiotherapy problem, a cervical rib, of interest to a thoracic surgeon and a tumour in the apex of the lung can all affect the structures in the interscalene triangle.
Smoker? Start with a chest xray. Neck pain? Go for plain radiographs of the cervical spine, including oblique views.

In short, there are many potential causes of your cold left arm after running. I'd start with an opinion from your medical doctor. Let me know what comes of it. You've spiked my curiosity.

Dr B

» Cold left arm after running

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