Coccyx removed-I was not given a choice & I have Scheuermanns

by Jayne Probert
(United Kingdo)

I had had 2 injections & Manipulations of my Coccyx which did not work.

In 2011 surgeon decided to remove it; I asked if I should have MRI before operation but all questions were ignored.

I had an MRI previously after Coccyx removed.

I had MRI 3 months later which showed OLD SCHEUERMANNS DISEASE; I am in agony and very dependent on painkillers & can hardly look after myself.

Hospital have said Scheuermanns can develop at any time of your life-so they said they had not missed this; but how could it be described as old Scheurmanns?

I have also never seen surgery on anything other than back surgery for scheuermanns.
Your advice would be appreciated
Many thanks

Hello Jayne,
Never let any doctor to bully you into any procedure. It is your body after all, but it's always wise to listen carefully to all the opinions expressed. Then make your own decisions; you also have to live with that decision of course if you ignored the advice.

Scheurermann's disease starts in the teenager years but, in a mild case may only start to produce symptoms later in life. There are two kinds of Scheurermanns. One in the lower back, and the other in the midback. Both are treatable with chiropractic, but not curable. Nobody will fix it completely. Where is your pain?

Like all diseases it comes in mild and severe forms. Can you get me a copy of the xray report?

Let me know.

Dr B

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