Coccyx pain four years

by Dudu
(South Africa

Coccyx cushion

Coccyx cushion

Coccyx pain four years

i fell from the chair while working and i went to a doctor but he didn"t see anything wrong.After a day i couldn't walk nor sit because my coccyx wa so painful,

i then went to a physiotherapist but stull i didn't get better.

It's now almost four years since i fe1l and i haven't got any help.I've attended pysios but no help. . .now i can't sit well nor drive, what can i do now to get any help?

Hello Dudu,
Unfortunately you were badly advised. The coccyx usually, though I must say not always, responds quite well to chiropractic help.

The bone may have been fractured. Were X-rays taken?

Step I, get yourself a do-nut like in the picture above. Or make one, see the directions at
Coccyx pillow ... and use it every day. It helps.

Secondly, ask the pharmacist: you can get a simple device which you keep in the freezer and insert in the anus. Unpleasant, but it helps too.

Don't sit back on the coccyx and choose your chairs carefully.

Now, chiropractic help comes in two forms. One is an external adjustment of the coccyx. The other is much more effective, but frankly it's awkward: the coccyx need to be repositioned, a few times, internally via the rectum. It's not painful, but not "nice" for either the patient or the chiropractor! But you get on and do what has to be done.

You would need to phone and ask. Perhaps a female chiropractor would be better, or take a friend with you.

Make sure the sacroiliac joint is examined too. It's often injured in a fall on the sacrum/coccyx.

Don't expect miracles, but I can give you a reasonable assurance it will get better. Perhaps not 100%, but at least so it's not so awful.

Perhaps print this out and take it with your to your chiropractor.

Find a good chiropractor may be your next step.

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I hope this has contributed.

Dr Barrie Lewis

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