Coccyx pain / coccyx pillow

by Joanne
(South Africa, Durban)

Coccyx pain / coccyx pillow

I injured my coccyx on a motorbike in January 2012 (its now Nov 2012)and I still have quite a lot of discomfort when I sit. Please help !!

Hello Joanne,
Miserable stuff a coccyx injury. You don't mention whether there was actually trauma, but if so then an X-ray to rule out a fracture would have been important. Not really important any more, it would have healed by now, but possible squiff and subluxated. More for academic interest.

There are two parts to successful coccyx pain treatment. First get the weight off the coccyx using a donut type cushion. You can buy them, or make one.

Secondly, if it's subluxated, and it probably is, but only a careful examination can establish that, the subluxation must be reduced. This is done 9/10 times externally without fuss or bother. But the tenth... that is a bother. Sometimes a subluxated coccyx doesn't respond to the external treatment, and has to be done rectally. It's not painful, doesn't take long, about two minutes, but yes is a bit embarrassing and awkward.
If you're a bit self conscious, take a friend along with you, and perhaps consult a female chiropractor. There are plenty in Durban. Before making an appointment, ask if they are prepared to do an internal coccyx, should it be necessary. Usually it won't.
Also important is to check the sacrum as a fall on the coccyx often also injures the sacroiliac joint ...

You can find Durban chiropractors at Chiropractor Durban ...
Good luck, let us know how you get on.

Dr Barrie Lewis

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