coccyx injury

by ann

My mom 62 years old fell from the chairwhich broke suddenly; she is in extreme pain; now what to do.

Dr. Barrie LewisDr. Barrie Lewis

Hello Ann,
First start by icing it several times a day; at least over the injured area, and if you can get one, a little device, kept in the freezer, that can be inserted into the anus.

Second, either buy a donut cushion or make one. The weight must off that injured coccyx for at least a month, and probably three, depending on the severity.

Fracture is a possibility but of academic interest only; it's never set, but will take longer to heal.

Give it two or three weeks; if still very painful, see if you can find a chiropractor. Not sure if there are any in Cairo.

Dr Barrie Lewis

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