Coccyx injury with tingling

by Lyndsay
(Great Britain )

I fell downstairs a few days back and saw a gp today who said it sounds like I've bruised my coccyx; she asked if I'd had any tingling which at the time I hadn't had any, until now when hands, lower legs and feet have started tingling. Any ideas if this is related or if I should head back to them?

Hello Lyndsay,
A fall down the stairs is very traumatic, and you'll be lucky if it's only your coccyx that was injured, bad though that can be. An F1 fighter jet pilot fell down the stairs, broke his neck, and died in Germany a while back.

Get or make a doughnut cushion and, depending on the severity of the injury, you may have to use it for months.

If severe coccygeal tenderness remains, and sitting is hugely problematic ask for an xray of the coccyx and the sacrum. Fractures do happen.

Any fall like that is likely also to subluxate any of the bones in the pelvis and spine too, of course. Obviously you're bruised and shaken, to be expected, so use your common sense about these other pains and tingles you are having. If they linger, or get worse, obviously you must see your doctor or chiropractor.

A key sign is, does the tingling get worse when you bend, twist, your back and turn your head, and then look up?

Think back as to why you fell; it can happen to anyone, but not a second time; that's sheer foolishness.

Dr Barrie Lewis

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