Coccyx fracture and sciatica

by Mialon
( West Indies)

Coccyx fracture and sciatica

The cleaner at my work place moved the chair when i was attempting to sit. I sustained a fracture to the coccyx,that has caused difficulty going to the toilet, terrible stomach pain when standing or sitting for lenghty periods and recently i have been getting terrible pain from my lower back straight down the back of my right leg to the ankles. My legs get heavy as a result.

The pain comes and goes but when it comes it is so painful that i take painkillers that makes me sleep so to not feel the discomfort. I even started seeing varicose veins popping up on that leg.

Since i obtained that injury my attempts to walk as quickly as before has been difficult and painful and my walking is slowed. My Specialiist.MD gave me a healing window of 6 mths as the pains was so terrible. What made it worse is that the initial MD i saw said that she was not seeing anything on my XRay so i went on for 13 day thinking i has soft tissue injury as she indicated. It was after the pain persisted i went to a specialist MD did he see the fracture.

I am concerned about child rearing due to this injury. I am in my early thirtys.

Hello Mialon,
Nasty injury. It happens.

There are two reasons the initial fracture was missed. Firstly, it's common knowledge that a fracture without separation is often not picked up for a few days - until it starts to swell making the fracture line visible. Secondly, there is so much bowel matter there, it's a very difficult fracture to spot. Did a specialist radiologist not read the X-ray?

It's unlikely that there was anything lost by your MD missing the fracture. There's no treatment anyway.

The pain down your leg is almost certainly a separate injury, either a fractured sacrum (unlikely) but more likely an injury to the intervertebral disk. When you bend forwards is your right leg much tighter than the left?

Go to C-H and type "Slump test" into the Search this site function. Do it and let me know the result. If it's strongly positive follow these rules:

Buy or make a ring cushion to take the weight off the coccyx. It may take a few months for the pain to go away. If in six weeks you still have very specific coccyx pain then it should be gently mobilised, initially externally and if that doesn't help, via the anus.

Not sure if there are chiropractors in the WI, but that's where I'd go.

Good luck, I hope this contributes.

Dr Barrie Lewis

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May 02, 2018
Wrong about tailbone fracture
by: Anonymous

I could scream with frustration over chiropractic care that I received for six years now for what was originally a fall incident. I went to the chiropractor to be treated for a fall on my tailbone which was fractured and he ignored it like there was nothing they could do anyway, like the treatment type mentioned here. Wrong wrong wrong.

Not only is the fracture itself very painful but if the tailbone is in a weird position it then it tugs and pulls on ligaments which creates symptoms.

I found a a pelvic floor physical therapist through my medical doctor. I was violated by chiropractic care for this type of injury. The extent of which is still unknown as I continue to undergo further diagnostics to consider what my options are now years later, and a much lighter wallet.

It's hard for me to comment as the details are scarce. But whether the treatment was appropriate or not, I find it odd that you continued with it for six years, presumably with no improvement since you are screaming with frustration.

Not all chiropractors will use the internal coccygeal treatment, in fact they are probably in the minority, which I expect he would have told you but you won't remember it seeing that it was so longer ago.

When you have a fall on the coccyx, the sacrum is often affected and joints in the lumbar spine as well, so it's not inappropriate that he would have been treating you for those other conditions.

But you have a point; I too feel a frustration that more chiropractors won't treat the coccyx boldly, just like any other joint. Some are prevented from doing internal examination or treatment by state regulations.

Any way, I hope you get more satisfactory treatment from the physical therapist. Let me know how you progress in a month or so.

Dr Barrie Lewis

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