Click in my right jaw and no pain

I have a click in my right jaw and no pain. Will these exercises work to get rid of the click. Or do you recommend the TMJ Appliance? Or can seeing a chiropractor help instead. My insurance will not cover seeing a mouth specialist.

Thank you for your help.

Hello Kathy,
Depending on a number of factors, this may be something you must learn to live with. Pain is another matter, and especially if you start to get facial pain or migraine type headaches.

At some stage your mouth was opened too wide; for example biting on an apple, or having your wisdom teeth out under a general anaesthetic. The meniscus was damaged and provided there is no pain, is manageable; an irritant, but hardly disabling.

The TMJ exercises may well help and there's certainly no harm in trying them.

Unless you are grinding your teeth, I don't see much merit in an expensive orthotic.

Press your finger deep into the 'pterygoid pocket' between the cheek and the last molar; is it very painful compared to the other side?

I find my treatment usually helps a lot if there's pain, but doesn't do much for the click; there's damage to the meniscus.

Dr B

» Click in my right jaw and no pain

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