Clacking in the head

by Tikuna

Hello, I would like to ask you such a question: as a result of X-raying my neck, it was found out that my diagnosis was uncovertebral arthrosis. After two weeks I suddenly felt that when I step down the stairs or walk fast, something clacks in my head, behind the left ear. I hear the voice of clacking, or snap. What can you tell me, what can be the reason for it? Sometimes I feel it when I turn my neck round.

Hello Tikuna,
That sound is probably coming from the upper cervical spine; top of your neck. The uncovertebral joints of Luschka are found in the lower neck.

If you have no pain with that clacking, no headaches, then you could just live with it. I can't promise you that chiropractic will fix it.

More significant, is the uncovertebral arthrosis lies very close to the nerve roots to your arm; tingling and conditions like carpal tunnel and frozen shoulder are more likely.

Dr B

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