Chronic upper and middle back pain since 3 years and now aggravated and intensified during pregnancy.

by Saumya

I have had chronic upper and middle back pain on both sides of my spine, for last 3 years or so. I took physical therapy last year and the pain became a little bearable for a few months. But it has become very intense ever since I entered my 2nd trimester of pregnancy. It's specially bad at night. My back does not get the much needed rest too because I can not lie on my back while sleeping due to pregnancy.

My back pain started possibly because of my sitting posture (I have a sedentary job) and because of my short stature (my feet do not reach the floor when I sit in my office chair).

Could you please advise me some stretches, exercises or other relief measures which are safe during pregnancy?

There are so many causes of mid and upper back pain. It could be a referral from the neck, a rib subluxation, a facet joint fixation, thoracic spine degenerative change, a scoliosis, and obviously a referral from a lung condition.

Get a small stool to go under your feet. Think too of your posture at the computer. Does your mouse arm have support under the elbow? Place it on the desk. Your hands should point down, not up. You have put the chair too low for your feet, but now it's too low for your back and arms too. Lower the desk.

Try doing the shotput action, or get a squash raquet and play fresh air squash. A skipping rope once the pregnancy is over.

See our lower back exercises during pregnancy too.

Dr B

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