Chronic thoracic pain

by DeeDee
(Asheville Nc)

I have had constant severe middle back pain for over a year. I did have a job with lifting but did not have an incident that I remember that caused it. I had X-rays and a thoracic mri a year ago. I have had physical therapy and an epidural steroid shot.

The scans were normal. I’m not sure where to go from here. I am in constant pain mainly burning throbbing and numbness. Please advise. Thank you. I have also seen a chiropractor which seems to make it hurt worse.

Hello Dee,
After a whole year, I would recommend you start by returning to the specialist who ordered the MRI. Throbbing pain is always a concern.

You make no mention of exercises. After the specialist has given you the all clear, let me know and we'll consider some; they need to be done daily.

Dr B

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