Chronic pain in the top of my right foot

by Mary
(New York, NY, USA)

Sometimes there is swelling. Sometimes the foot is fine. Other times the foot pain involves the front of the calf or the right ankle.

As of yesterday having knee pain with occasional karate-chop sensation and weakness in the back of the right thigh. Now having difficulty walking down stairs.
Slightly bulging discs on MRI, 6 months ago, at L4 & 5 and S1.

Degenerative disc disease in cervical and thoracic spine.

MRI of right foot 18 months ago showed edema, chronic plantar fasciitis and a ganglion cyst.

Hello Mary,
There are different, unrelated things happening here.

If your foot swells, then it has nothing to do with the bulging discs seen on MRI; it's a foot or ankle problem which needs to be addressed.

Pain in the calf could be from your foot, or knee, or from the lower back; what provokes that pain?

The pain in the back of the thigh is probably a sciatica; does sitting in a kitchen chair, with your head flexed on your chest, and extending the knee so the leg is parallel to the ground hurt? In the back, or the thigh, or both?

I hope this contributes.

Dr B

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