Chronic pain in T4/T5 area

by Mrs Onadiet
(Hampshire, UK)

Short background:
I'm a very young 55 overweight (20 stone)female diagnosed last year with severe osteoarthritis of lower spine. I also have ostearthritis in my hands and feet but just in the mornings. I have fibromyalgia in my arms and shoulders which I thought was going away. My bloods are fine except the urate content is way too high. I've also had gout twice.
Anyway, I tackled this head on and joined a health club with pool and hydrotherapy and swim 45min x 4 per week; take several vits (tumeric/cod liver/B1,6 and B12 complex and milk thistle occasionally).
I rarely take the medication I am given (naproxen and omeprazole) because, frankly, I don't trust it and prefer to cure with healthy food (obviously I'm cutting back the portions, lol), however, when the pain gets so bad, I have no choice.
Unfortunately, I've been in chronic back pain on the right side, seemingly between the T4/T5 area and my spine, it's like a hot ball inside, I have it right now, bending my head to get in the car can trigger it too - all sounds odd, I know. Can you offer any suggestion as to what it is and how I can get rid of it. Thank you for taking the time to read this. Thanks.

Hello Mrs On-a-diet,
First off, scratch that word diet from your vocabulary and practice; research shows that after one year, no matter what the diet, 95% of folk have lost no weight, and many have put on.

Stop dieting, and start eating right for the rest of your life.

The best way that I know, the only way I suspect, is to figure out the meaning of "glycemic index". I doubt you are obese because you eat too much, but you consume the wrong stuff; the battle to retrain the tongue is won and lost between the ears; the keyword is 'I'm tired of pain.'

And it's caused not only your weight problem but the arthritis, gout and fibromyalgia too; in short, a lot of pain and the disability of knee arthritis at 20 stone is surely on the horizon.

Anyway, you've been told all that at least 1000 times, I'm sure, and don't need me haranguing you!

You mention osteoarthritis of the lower back, but nothing about x-rays of the midback; that's the place to start, if they haven't already been taken, and a chest pic if you're having any breathing problems, or cough.

The thoracic spine and ribs are the most commonly treated areas by chiropractors; go x-rays in hand to a local DC. Find someone well recommended, and not the person with the biggest yellow pages ad.

It's likely very treatable, just not curable if you've had it for a long time. After an initial course of treatment, you'll probably need to have a treatment once a month, or some such; no one is going to cure it.

I wish you good luck and lots of inner strength; it's going to take all of that to retrain your tongue.

Dr B

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