Chronic lower back pain

by PSC

Chronic lower back pain

Dear Dr B
Just want to let you know that I finally graduated from Chiropractic treatment (after seeing Dr Lee for ~2yrs). I saw him first before I saw the E Link to him on your website.

My bro-in-law saw him first, where I was first introduced to Chiropractic. After doing some search on the subject (mostly from your site) I decided to see Dr Lee . . could have been shorter but you know . . some patients are more cooperative than others.

The strengthening of the glutes and core muscles exercise really did the trick (after the usual cracking of course)

I find this ‘exercise’ kills 3 birds with one stone: On the tummy, lift up hands spread up n out into a T and legs lifted up heels to heels, knee to knee. Hold this T posture (as long as per doctor’s advice). This addressed my hip joint pain, arm movement limited and loose knee cap.


Dear P,
Such great news and well done for persevering with the chiropractic treatment.

You are obviously keeping up the exercises, and are committed to them, that bodes well for the future.

Time to buy Dr Lee a case of red wine, or better still one of my books!

Dr B

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