Chronic lower back pain for 2.5 years

by Donna
(Cincinnati, OH)

I'm a 52 year old female and have a bulging disc in my L4/L5 and a tear in my right hip labrum and have had chronic lower back pain on both sides for 2.5 years with little relief and occasional right hip pain.

I have tried chiropractic and decompression treatments, acupuncture, physical therapy with 3 different therapists, juicing, massage therapy, cyrotherapy, supplements, etc.

I've had multiple MRIs and have seen 2 orthopedic specialists, who agree that surgery will not help me. I take pain medication (which I don't want to do), but even it doesn't take the pain away completely.

I don't remember what it feels like to have a pain free day. Doctors say that there are many people who have my same issues and are asymptomatic.

I do sit all day at work for over 8 hours, but I did that for 20 years with no issue before. I'm open and grateful for any suggestions you might have.

Hello Donna,
I won't suggest there any easy solutions, but I notice you make no mention of back exercises.

Having treated patients with problems like yours for 37 years, and been perilously close to surgery myself once, saved only by my partner, I would very strongly recommend you start our lower back exercises that you'll find in the navigation bar at Chiropractic Help, and do them EVERY SINGLE MORNING in bed before arising. They take less than two minutes. Of course several times a day would be better still.

Contact me again in six weeks and let me know what effect, if any they have had. I'll be much surprised if you report a zero result; fifty percent would be promising. Could you live with half the pain you are now having by spending two minutes every morning and evening doing some exercises?

Dr B

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