chronic ankle pain

by Annabel Burns

Chronic ankle pain


Two years ago I started to experience ankle instability and kept going over my ankle. I am female 55 and have to wear sketcher type trainers always, as I am in pain without them. I went to my GP and A&E initially and the ankle was not examined.

Eventually A few months ago I had an MRI scan and was told that I have broken a bone in my ankle and was put in a cast then air boot.

I bought an ankle brace so that I can walk as I am a carer to my daughter who now has a baby. I tried to wear the brace with low heeled sandals but it is too painful. I am so fed up with the lack of help and the time it is taking.

I am grateful I can walk wearing sketchers, but I am at loss as what else I can do. Usually I am good at looking at alternative medicine, but muscles and ligaments I am not so confident about.

Thank you

Hello Annabel,
There's nothing simple about this, I'm afraid.

First question, probably an odd one. No problem in your neck? Cervical stenosis can cause weak muscles in the ankle.

Secondly, do you know which bone was broken, do you know when you broke it, have you got a copy of the scan report, and could you get me a copy of the graphic showing the fracture on MRI? Using your digi camera to photograph the scan works reasonably well.

As you can read from this ANKLE JOINT PAIN CASEFILE chiropractors often will treat old fractures, but really only once they have healed.

If you have an ununited fracture, two years old, it really needs to be pinned. Have you seen an orthopaedic surgeon?

I'm not sure Chiropractic has much to contribute at this stage, but answer the above questions, and let's see where we are.

I hope this has contributed. If so, this is my latest book of chiropractic anecdotes, where you can read and enjoy stories such as yours from the coalface... available on Amazon for $2.99! Shameless, self promotion! Stones in my Clog … Chiropractic anecdotes from the polders of Holland.

Dr B

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