Chiropractor grabbed ankles and flayed me on table

by Lillian
(Quito, Ecuador, S America)

When he quickly grabbed my ankles and pulled me down on the table and gave two severe slams to my lower body down on the table and that motion left me feeling very strange. The next day I had great difficulty walking with pain up to my hip from the left foot on the outer side and a tightness on the ankle and foot area. On the right side, the inner side of my foot had a problem with veins bulging. Both feet had great swelling, with the right being the most with swelling up to my knee.

That happened two years ago when I was 88. One day several months ago, I suddenly felt a great tiredness of the left from the foot up to my hip and still experience that and tiredness at times. The right one hurts on the inside and the entire heel when I get out of bed and start to walk especially when I lie on my right left side. This started happening about two months ago.

The swelling has subsided greatly very recently since the left leg swelling was about one and a half times the size of the right lower leg and foot. My left foot up to my mid leg has always felt some numbness since the flaying on the table. There was bruising on both feet and the ankle areas. My ankles and parts of my feet were blue and brown.

Hello Lilian,
I can't imagine what he was doing to an elderly lady; it sounds bizarre. But frankly after two years I have no idea what to suggest. I think a visit to medical doctor would be the place to start.

It sounds like you got the cat o' nine tails!

I'm sorry about that; you sure it was a chiropractor?

Dr B

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