Chiropracter in NJ that treats TOS

by Joy
(Boonton, NJ)

Both artery and nerves may be affected

Both artery and nerves may be affected

Are there any Chiropractors in NJ you would recommend for treating TOS?

Hello Joy,
Alas I'm in far off South Africa and can't help. Phone your local chiropractic association.

In theory every chiropractor should be able to treat it, but I never learnt about it in school, admittedly 35 years ago.

Phone your local chiropractor, ask to speak to him, and ask directly, do you treat TOS. If there's a hesitation, then you know he's probably never heard of it, so move on to the next.

Key is, can they do Adson's test? It's not easy, and very subjective; only with long practice is one able to distinguish between normal and abnormal.

Dr B

» Chiropractor in NJ that treats TOS

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