Chinese/herbal medication for menopause

by Mayline
(South Africa (Sandton))

Where can I obtain/buy Chinese meds for menopause? I am becoming very concerned about pain that's developing in my breasts. So far mammogram clear, recently done early February 2011. I used to see a certain Chiropracter in northern suburbs of JHB, but gave up when he made me return monthly and then changed medication every time.

This is not a moaning session, I just need someone with some integrity. I expect to pay, I know initial prescriptions are not always successful and therefore need to be reviewed. I have been using conventional medication (HRT) after numerous attempts at different alternatives, like Bio-identical creams, which caused my hair to fall out. It's been about six to eight years that I have had to look for relief. I am 52yrs old.Please advise!

Hello Mayline,
Certainly you don't want to be on HRT, you know I'm sure the high risk of breast or uterine cancer.
I'm afraid I can't advise on Chinese medicine. What is known is that women in the East who eat a diet high in Tofu have much less menopausal symptoms. It's not very exciting food, tasteless, but you can get some ideas from typing "tofu nutrition" into the Search this Site at We eat tofu at least once a week. Lots of garlic and ginger!
My experience is that an occasional regular chiropractic treatment is very beneficial - patients have less set-backs and less overall treatment. How often is "occasional" is the question. For my patients around 6-10 weeks for the majority, but there are certainly a few on monthly.
Talk straight to him/her about your concerns if you are finding benefit from the treatment.

Dr B

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