I had an accident at work in 2012 and my c1 was broken 7 ways; there was also a skull fracture where the c1 contacts the skull.

It was treated with halo traction for 3 months. The c1 is now fused to the skull. About 18 months later I had a decompression/instrumented fusion at c6/c7 disk level; the surgeon has said it would be dangerous to see a chiropractor.

My neck causes chronic discomforts to this day.

Frank manipulation, I would agree, would be dangerous. However, we now use some very conservative means, like an activator device, for example, that would be reasonably safe.

But first, how about a home traction device? And a weekly sports massage?

Or a massage from your partner several evenings a week? You are lucky to be alive, and will probably have to learn to live with much of this; but some may well be safely treatable.

Dr B

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