Cervical Spinal Stenosis with Radiculopathy at 33

I'm a 33 year old female with confirmed moderate cervical spinal stenosis in April last year. Due to nerve compression at my C5/C6 vertebrae, I have corresponding nerve pain in my neck, and right shoulder 24/7.

Six months ago, my right collarbone started cracking every time I pull my right shoulder back, and it's becoming quite painful. Is there any way my stenosis can affect the collarbone at all? I am currently on a waiting list for decompression surgery on my neck, but as time has passed, I have ended up with nerve pain down both my arms, and into my pinky and ring finger on each hand. When my collarbone cracks, my nerve pain goes through the roof.

You are very young to have stenosis; you must have fairly significant trauma to your neck a long time ago that went untreated.

Seeing that your collarbone is involved, I'm wondering if you could be suffering from a thoracic outlet syndrome; when your arm aches, is it worsened or relieved by raising your hand above your head?

Ask a friend to help you do the upper limb tension test.

Adson's test is difficult but you might try it; locate the radial pulse in the right wrist; if you turn your head to the right, look up and take in a deep breath, does it affect the pulse?

Dr b

» Cervical Spinal Stenosis with Radiculopathy at 33

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