Cervical Ribs


Cervical Ribs

Pain in neck (both front and rear both sides), right shoulder, arm. SCM and trap muscles are tight and painful.

I have had this pain since Jan 2013 and it has only gotten worse.

Adjustments, treatments, etc...nothing as been able to alleviate pain for the long term.

My posture feels off and my shoulder feel displaced (like they are being pushed back and my head is being pushed forward)

Thank you.

Hello Alex,
The X-rays are too small for me to assess, can you send larger jpegs to CONTACT.

If you have cervical ribs then I'm afraid no one is going to "cure" you, and surgery is quite risky.

The real concern is that it is getting worse, rather than better. You say you've had "adjustments", so I assume from a chiropractor.

I have three suggestions: Have a regular massage, perhaps from a friend or sports masseuse.

Secondly start our stiff neck EXERCISES FOR NECK PAIN ...

Thirdly, perhaps try a different chiropractor who uses different techniques.

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Find a good chiropractor is perhaps your next stop.

Dr Barrie Lewis

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