cervical rib and having problm in thraot

by mohd
(saharanpur u.p,. india )

hello sir
this is yasir. I recently know that I am having a cervical rib both sides but from last 3 month I am having a problem in my neck and throat; I am having a stiffness in muscles of throat and having pain in my ears and also having a blue vain under my tongue. And the color of the skin under the tongue is became whitish. Also have a problem feeling pain when eating. Feeling change in the voice. I already consult with 4 ENT dr. Kindly give me some advice and give me some knowledge that what is the posible reason behind all these problems.
is there any posibility that all the problems is due to cervical rib.

You an see clearly in the picture whiteness in the bottom of my tongue; initially i have only one side this whiteness but I also have this whiteness in other side of my tongue

(please sir reply me as soon as posible i am really in need of help)

Hello Mohd,
I think it most unlikely your problems are coming from the cervical ribs. This is a medical condition and yes frustrating that none of your doctors can get on top of it.

I'm sorry, but I have little to contribute.

Dr B

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