Can I avoid this surgery?

Groin pain last 3 years. Surgeon found my hip bones deteriorating near the symphysis pubis. He says I have bone rubbing on bone and 2 bone cysts and said another surgeon could fix it with a piece of metal. I'm 62 years old.Can I avoid this surgery?

Hello Linda,
Mm, not too sure from what you describe. The hip is not "near the symphysis pubis" so I'm wondering if there is something else going on.

But it sounds, otherwise, like you have hip arthritis. The usual signs are groin pain, stiffness when pulling your knee to your chest and to the opposite shoulder, plus some other difficult for you to do yourself. When advanced, cutting toenails and getting socks on becomes difficult. Does any of that sound familiar?

As to whether chiropractic can help is determined by a number of factors. How advanced the arthritis is, your weight, your diet and the skills of your chiropractor. Start taking omega 3 fish or flax oil.

Can you send me a copy of your X-ray? Attach to your file. If not, ask if you can take a photo of the hip with a digi camera, flash off.

Dr B

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