Can Femoral Nerve problems cause medial knee pain?

by Julie
(Boiswe, ID)

I have had medial knee pain for many years, partially due to little cartilage in the knees. I have had a total replacement in the left knee. In the right knee, the meniscus was torn and repaired earlier this year. However, the right has a medium amount of cartilage left, yet my pain is getting worse, not better! It radiates down my leg. I also have pain in my back and right hip. Could all of this pain be related to a problem in my back? My knee doc is getting a bit frustrated as am I!! I don't want another surgery.

The pain is centered medially, but after a long day of standing and teaching school, the entire knee hurts, the thigh throbs and radiates down the outside of my leg to my ankle.

thank you!

Yes, it certainly can Julie. However, one needs to be quite sure it's not just radiating knee pain.

To be sure, I'd be looking for:

1. Low back pain that on bending, either forwards or backwards or to the side, radiates directly to the leg.

2. A change of knee reflex and sensory changes. Try pricking your legs and see if there's a difference.

3. A positive femoral nerve stretch. It's not really a test you can do yourself.

Do you need to lose weight? It's been proven to be the most effective treatment for knee and hip pain. If so, start reading up on Glycemic Index. Understanding GI is the only way to lose weight and keep it off in my opinion.

Are you exercising that knee? And your back? I would be doing both on a daily basis. You'll find plenty at Chiropractic Help. Just five minutes a day would make a significant difference.

Three swims a week, half an hour each, would make a profound difference to your knees and back.

Are you hurting enough to go through with that?

Dr B

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