calcified right si

by jeffrey

Was diagnosed with partial calcified si; have had injections.

The surgeon gave me a belt, with instructions about no exercises

I don't want fusion; blue cross won't cover anyway.

It affects my walking routine; what are the best exercises for this?

Hello Jeffrey,
Chiropractic Help is indeed a very large site; use the search function near the top of the navigation bar on your left, and type in Exercises for SacroIliac Joint pain.

Have you had a test for ankylosing spondylitis?

This all depends on your philosophy of health care; do you want medication, and possibly eventually surgery, or more natural means?

The latter would mean regular exercise, a change to an anti inflammatory diet and perhaps chiropractic mobilisation of the joint.

Look up AS in that search function.

Please don't in the future write from a not so smart phone.

Dr B

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