C5/C6 pinching the nerve. Mild degenerative changes of the acromioclavicular joint. Carpal tunnel, and tendonitis

Carpal tunnel syndrome

I cannot sleep well as a result of these medical issues, I have not worked for two months. What can be done to help reduce or eliminate some of the pain.

Plenty Vila,

But it is going to take some hard work on the part of your chiropractor. That whole chain: the neck, the shoulder, the arm the wrist has to be addressed. Just a few clicks in the neck will not be sufficient.

But neither will pills. Actually, I don't think these are "medical issues". This is pure chiropractic that we are discussing. Medicine won't have much to contribute unless you are prepared to undergo massive surgery.

You've clearly had an old injury to the neck that was not well cared for, and now your whole arm becomes vulnerable. Whiplash causes fixations in the spine that, if not cleared, lead on to Immobilisation Arthritis which is what you are getting.

Do a good bit of reading at C-H on subjects such as AC joint, carpal tunnel, tingling in arm and hand, joints of Luschka (plug these terms into the search this site function at C-H).

If there's a chiro with a FICS (sports qualification) near you, that would be a good start.

You might start with the "Frozen shoulder exercises" that I've recently put on the site. There are carpal tunnel exercises there too.

Good luck. Like I said hard work, but this is stuff I deal with all day long. Very rewarding.

I hope this has contributed.

Dr B

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