C1 and C2 Neck Issues

by Pia

I have been told my C1 and C2 are all jammed up and neck adjustments however I am very nervous in getting my neck cracked. My symptoms range from vertigo and tinnitus to dizziness and ear fullness; general fatigue. I have tried a lot of other techniques to try to get my neck back into alignment as I have been told that it has moved to the right and also made my jaw move forward a bit so get clicking in my ears too.

I am a single mum with two little girls and just very nervous to get it cracked just in case something happens

How safe is it to crack the neck and how many adjustments will it take. Also is it painful?

Hello Pia,
You you have true vertigo with nystagmus, then your hesitation is well founded. Generally chiropractic manipulation of the upper cervical spine is a very safe procedure, though not perfect safely.

I've been adjusting necks for 40 years with no serious events.

However, vertigo is the one area when due care is needed. Have you heard of the Epley manoeuvres? That's a better place to start, and if it doesn't help, you can still have your neck adjusted. Perhaps a chiropractor who uses the activator method; no actual cracking of the neck.

Cervical adjustments when skillfully done are rarely pain.

Single mom of two kids is hectic so no wonder you are fatigued. But do think about keeping anything that raises you blood glucose too much to a minimum; that's also the biggest risk factor for C-19 so a good thing anyway. No chocolate bagels!

Starting talking to friends and associates and ask about a local chiropractor who is gentle and well-respected. Ask you GP too.

There are chiropractors who do the Epleys but you may have to consult a neurologist.

I hope this helps.

Dr B.R. Lewis DC

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