Buttock, thigh and hip pain with severe swelling

by Trish
(Boston, MA)

I'm fifty two and had acute onset of pain in grocery store over a year ago. Six months later I had arthroscopic hip surgery due to a torn labrum and femoracetabular impingement. Surgeon debrided the labrum and shaved femoral neck due to hip dysplasia and a bony abnormality.

Had lumbar spine MRI 6 months prior to surgery revealing annular tear L2 L3. PT throughout the entire year and a half. Intermittent improvement. Major SI joint issues co-existing the whole time. Five steroid injections in hip joint, SI joint, bursa. Severe nerve pain. Lower back pain and buttock pain that never stops. Lateral hip pain and massive swelling.

Had recent lumbar MRI which revealed a herniated L5 S1 and narrowing. Nerve pain is very bad. Swelling behind thigh and ache in front of thigh. Some groin pain, though of my pains that is my least. Hip and back equal parts pain.


Hello Trish,
I'm afraid it's back to the orthopaedic surgeon who operated on your hip. Soon.

Those disc injuries would not contribute in any way to the swelling in your upper leg/ buttock. There's risk of serious infection, or vascular occlusion, deep thrombosis. Serious stuff.

I would ask for an immediate consultation with him. Sorry, but looking at the info, from what you've given me, this is not good news.

All of which contributes to what is happening in your back; normally I'd suggest you start with the back exercises on our site, but that involves hip flexion. Orthopaedic consult first.

Let me know what comes of it all. Hope I'm wrong.

Dr B

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Oct 24, 2014
Thank you
by: Trish

This has been a frightening time for me. I had difficulty with my surgeon post-op due to poor follow-up care and am being followed by a new surgeon who has been very perplexed by my case (as all doctors have) I am seeing him on Monday and sent him a letter questioning vascular issues just this week and I mentioned Compartment Syndrome as well.

Thank you for taking the time to answer and for your well-founded advice. I will let you know what they find.

Please do let me know, Trish; it is perplexing. Meantime start working on the basics of good lower back care. Don't bend, rather go down on ONE knee if you need to retrieve something from the ground. Sit less, take short walks and do our lower back exercises.

Get onto a diet rich in the omega 3 fats; look it up in the search function at Chiropractic Help. They are strongly anti inflammatory.

Good luck.

Dr B

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