buttock, groin and outside hip, and inner lower leg pain

by Mrs Howard
(Yorkshire, UK)

I have a pain that can be very sharp through my buttock, groin and outside hip. It is painful to walk and after sitting down.

This stabbing pain continues across the inside of my knee down my shin with a final stab in my big toe.

Also at night my whole left leg will do one on those muscular jerks and yank itself right down which is very painful.

I have been having massage and a bit of osteopathy, waiting for physio referral.

Hello Mrs Howard,
It's likely that you have a pinched L3 nerve root in your lower back; it's very painful and can cause the quadriceps muscle to become weak. Then the knee will start to give on the stairs.

I have doubts that massage and physio can relieve that condition and in fact, even with chiropractic, it will take skilled manipulation to reduce the problem in your back.

You will need to go for a course of treatment, and have to do certain specific exercises.

Xrays and perhaps a scan will be needed to precisely identify the problem.

Start talking to friends and neighbours and your doctor; find a local competent chiropractor. I'm sure there's someone around the corner who can help you. Rome wasn't built in a day and nor will this problem.

Good luck.

Dr B

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