Burning pain in bottom of feet

by Sandra Hardin
(Newburgh, In)

On Jan 14, 2015, I was getting into the back seat of the car. The car began rolling, stretching my legs apart like the splits. The next day, I was walking up and down a lot of steps looking at Motor Homes. At around 2 that day both feet began to have pain in the balls of both feet.

I have seen many doctors, had x-rays of both feet, showed nothing broken.

The Foot Doctor just by listening where the pain is said it was Metatarsalgia. I agree that the bones were injured, however, but they seem to have healed. I had an MRI Of the Lumbar and it showed bulging disk at L2-L3, after a year and 3 months I have constant burning on bottom of feet unless I am laying down. Walking is very painful.

The only other pain I have is both big toes have pain when I bend them. Most doctors I have saw agree the pain is coming from my spine. I have been going to Therapy for several months. Do you have any suggestions on what I should do.

Dear Sandra,
Obviously since I haven't had the opportunity to examine you, I am unable to be certain about this, so you consider what follows in that light.

I have a pretty strong feeling that the bulge seen at L2-L3 is what is known as an "incidental finding". True, but irrelevant. That level doesn't supply the bottom of the feet.

I think your Foot Doctor is probably spot on. This sounds very like metatarsalgia; more usually it affects the second and third metatarsals but in your case probably the great toes.

Diabetes and a peripheral neuralgia should be considered too.

Look for a chiropractor who specialises in treating feet.

Dr B

» Burning pain in bottom of feet

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Jan 29, 2018
Continued feet problem
by: Sandi Hardin

After thee years with the problem getting to the point of no walking without extreme pain on the bottom of my feet, and discovery of a pinched nerve at L5, had back surgery to remove bolts and screws from a Back Fusion in 2004.

This dis stopped the Pins and Needles in the tops of all 10 toes. Stopped other pains also but did not stop the pain in the bottom of feet that goes from toes to pads. It can be tingling or numbness. Have no ideal how to find a Chiropractor who does feet. Any help on that? Thanks.

Hello Sandi,
Clearly this is complex with some symptoms related to spinal stenosis, and others to a diabetic neuropathy.

Interesting research that diabetics who walk every day have far less neuropathy; the exercises lowers your blood sugar.

But you probably have great difficulty walking, so I would recommend you go and swim every day. That too will lower your blood glucose.

And the best you can do for your back is some gentle lower back exercises done every morning before getting out of bed.

Have a look at our heart stroke diabetes page; research shows that nearly half the deaths are caused by dietary factors. Too much of some, like salt, and too little of others like nuts and seeds; all things that you can change.

How is your weight? Is this Type II diabetes? If so, get it off or you will be miserable for the rest of your life, and die long before your time.

In short, it seems to me that you have to help yourself; these are things that no doctor can do for you; you have to do them yourself.

Read up on the term 'glycemic index' of starches. It's key for diabetics.

Dr B

Heart stroke diabetes

Jun 19, 2016
by: Sandi

Thanks for your response. Tested for peripheral neuropathy; negative.

I have just recently been told I have DIABETES. I am going for therapy once again starting Monday. I had MRI of left foot showed cyst and Spurs.

Hello Sandi,
Well done on having the diabetes test; sorry it's positive. If you need to lose weight, they do it. Diabetes is an awful disease if you don't follow the rules, and right now you can't walk, the important part of the regimen. Get it off.

It means a complete change of lifestyle, and a move to low GI foods; white flour products, sugar, white rice and potatoes are for high and holy days only.

You may also have plantar myofascitis.

Dr B

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