Burning feet

by Elsa Goddard
(Johannesburg SA)

Burning feet when I get up to walk; I do already wear orthotics.

I am currently with an Endocrinologist, I have collapsed Adrenal Glands and Thyroid imbalances.
I have been wearing orthotics for over 20 yrs.

Due to the Adrenal Gland problem, I am gaining weight --- much to my disgust. I am a person who has always been interested in living my life as healthily as possible.

Recently I have started to experience pain in my feet.... especially the tops of my feet....The bony parts..... the pain goes away after a few minutes of walking, but I feel extremely stiff in the feet and it aches.

Due to this problem, I feel unable to go on long walks or to go to the Gym; I do go to Yoga 2 x a week. I am 63 yrs of age.

Hello Elsa,
It's a good sign that the burning pain is on the top of your feet, not the soles. Plus that stiffness and aching pain in the joints points to biomechanical foot pain.

Yes, my first question with foot pain is... how's your weight. Well, there's a bit of weight gain, and there's obesity. There's a big difference. At our Free Weight Loss Programs you'll find a BMI calculator.

Whatever the cause, glandular or otherwise, obese people have more pain in their feet and ankles. Get it off if your BMI is above 30. You should anyway.

What's needed is a careful thorough examination of your feet. Old injuries, ankle sprains and the like cause fixations in the joints which then become stiff and painful and arthritic. There's usually much to be done.

Find a good chiropractor may be your next step. Ask first if they treat feet.

Dr B

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