by Kelly Nobiensky

BU has shown remarkable results in fixing nerve damage. They have done animal testing with positive results. I've had tailbone pain for years and when the doctors tell me they've done all they can do ( BS ) I started researching for something that can help and this is the most promising. I volunteered to my doctor to be a human clinical trial but he can't do that. So now I'm searching the net for any trials anywhere. If you find one please let me and everyone else know. It promisses to be a permeate solution.

Hello Kelly,
Frankly never heard of it, but I gather a diuretic. I couldn't find anything about nerve damage.

But tailbone pain is not likely to be anything to do with nerve damage, say any more than a bruised shinbone.

If bumetadine helps, perhaps it's a referred pain from your bladder, or kidney.

Have you thought of having your coccyx pain evaluated by a chiropractor? Usually treatment of coccydynia is routine, and then you aren't faced with taking drugs for ever and aye. They all have side effects taken indefinitely.

Dr Barrie Lewis

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