Bulging discs at T12 to L5

by Nancy Brown
(Knoxville, TN USA)

I have been having a pain in my right side for quite some time. Along with this, I have had pain for a longer time, in my lower back. A recent MRI showed bulging discs at the levels in the title. At L4-5, there is facet hypertrophy.

My question is what I am wondering about. The pain in my right side moves around, sometimes at my side, sometimes up under my right ribcage, lower down. Could my back problems possibly radiate pain into my side, at the waist?

Thank you for caring, and I AM going to use the exercises described.


Hello Nancy,
Yes, certainly ribcage pain is a common finding in association with lower back pain. It may mean you have a spinal curvature, often caused by a short leg. An insert in your shoe is the solution.

The discomfort often follows the rib under the armpit area, and sometimes to the sternum causing a condition called Tietze's syndrome.

On the right side, kidney and gallbladder conditions need to be considered too.

Bulging discs like that are not terribly significant mostly, but that degenerating facet needs gentle extension exercises done as in the pelvic tilt lying down.

A chiropractic adjustment may be necessary if leaning to the back and sideways hurts down in the lower back.

Dr B

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