Broken tail bone from childbirth


My story is that I gave birth a little over 3 years ago. I was at 42 weeks and had no symptoms of labour.

The hospital staff gave me an injection to make things happen. I was in chronic pain during my labour and was given an epidural as hours later they were still waiting for the final centimetre of dilation. Then my baby girl was in distress and they said they had to deliver her quickly. She came out with her head and arm first. She was dislocated in the process.

When everything calmed down she was given to me to hold and the doctor congratulated us and went home. The nurses had left the room and a little while after that I suffered a massive bleed. The doctor rushed back and he had his hands inside me trying to find and stop the bleeding. I was offered a transfusion but said I would be fine. I was in a lot of pain and the nursing staff weren't sympathetic. They spoke to me in a manner that made me feel they thought I was a sook.

I found it hard to move, sit, stand, lie down. I went home and found it really hard to do my housework, return to part time work, carry my baby. I couldn't exercise and suffered a prolapse.

I did my pelvic floor exercises. I complained to my doctor as well as the physio that I had numbness in my feet, sometimes warm rushes that went down my leg. I told them I had chronic pain. The pain would shoot down my leg and I would yelp in the middle of walking and freeze and then as quickly as the shooting pain would come it would go. I shared that for a good period of time I could not straighten quickly to rise from bed to go and get ready for my other children and work. I shared how I had sharp stabbing pains quite regularly down my legs.

I even tried Bowen Therapy in my search for relief and healing....that was a crock and a waste of money. Basically I tried to convey the different layers of pain that I had...the constant drone of ache the sharp stabbing pains, the pains in my back as well as the descriptions of pain in my feet.

My nerves felt raw. I was unable to participate in my usual fit lifestyle of soccer coaching and yoga as well as fitness instructing. My pain was worn on my face and in my clenched hands at most times through the day. I felt like I was deteriorating and compressing in my lower spine area.

I was never sent for xrays or anything until I recently went to a new doctor who bulk bills. It turns out that my tail bone was broken....on the xray there is a big gap and the bottom parts are pointed inwards. I don't know how to describe the bottom 2 knuckles perhaps.

I live in a country town in Australia and she is referring me to the physio again. I had no relief from physiotherapy last time and am unsure how it will help this time. I am wondering if I should be asking for a referral to a spinal specialist, or a chiropractor instead. I am 41 years old and am worried about my quality of life as I age with this problem. I am also very upset with the lack of care I had received. No one wanted to look into any of my pain and as a result I felt like there was something wrong with me not being able to handle childbirth. Silly now that I know what I have been living with and doing my best to cope with.

I really need some advice. Is 3 years later too late for any help? What should I look for in a chiropractor or should I be seek different medical help? What questions should I ask someone to know that they are really good at what they do? I am a strong minded person and I have not taken any medication for my pain as I was breast feeding and now have been learning to just live with it. Should I be taking an anti inflammatory? It is always a constant but some days can be worse that others and I am really grateful for the relief of the better days. I wake at night with pain pulsating. I can't be on my feet for long periods of time. The numbness is always there. Will pain killers help with that? Or if I take them will I do something that could exacerbate my problem say for instance think I can exercise again and push myself to far because I can't feel the boundaries of pain? Can any of this be reversed? I would be so grateful for any advice you can share with me.

Thank you.

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Jul 26, 2014
subluxated tailbone
by: Dr B

Dear Shonnabee,
You certainly are a strong lady; and one in a lot of pain.

Firstly, let's try and establish if your coccyx actually is the problem, or part of the problem, or what's called an incidental finding; something that's there, but not causing your pain.

It's not likely to be fractured incidently in the absence of trauma, but certainly subluxated anteriorally.

If you run your finger down centrally over the sacrum until just before the anus, and then press hard, is it painful? Usually sitting on it is sore, particularly if you sit back on a hard stool.

Now to your back; if you bend slowly forwards, then backwards and to the side, do you get pain? Does it radiate down the leg? Try and be specific.

Sit on a kitchen chair; first raise one leg parallel to the ground, down, then the other. Pain? Where? Now repeat with your head flexed on your chest. It's best actually if hubby raises your leg; it's called a passive test.

Now, go prodding around the groin and inner thigh, and the pubic bones; are they very sensitive?

I would start our very basic three back exercises that you'll find in the navigation bar. Do them before getting out of bed and several times a day; they take only 40s.

Go for several short walks every day, and if you have access to a pool, some swimming.

There are really many things that could have happened; it could even be internal, I suppose, but probably not.

Give me some answers and we'll take this further; keep to the same thread.

Dr Barrie Lewis

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Coccyx pain four years

by Dudu
(South Africa

Coccyx cushion

Coccyx cushion

I fell from the chair while working and i went to a doctor but he didn"t see anything wrong.After a day i couldn't walk nor sit because my coccyx wa so painful,

i then went to a physiotherapist but stull i didn't get better.

It's now almost four years since i fe1l and i haven't got any help.I've attended pysios but no help. . .now i can't sit well nor drive, what can i do now to get any help?

Hello Dudu,
Unfortunately you were badly advised. The coccyx usually, though I must say not always, responds quite well to chiropractic help.

The bone may have been fractured. Were X-rays taken?

Step I, get yourself a do-nut like in the picture above. Or make one, see the directions at
Coccyx pillow ... and use it every day. It helps.

Secondly, ask the pharmacist: you can get a simple device which you keep in the freezer and insert in the anus. Unpleasant, but it helps too.

Don't sit back on the coccyx and choose your chairs carefully.

Now, chiropractic help comes in two forms. One is an external adjustment of the coccyx. The other is much more effective, but frankly it's awkward: the coccyx need to be repositioned, a few times, internally via the rectum. It's not painful, but not "nice" for either the patient or the chiropractor! But you get on and do what has to be done.

You would need to phone and ask. Perhaps a female chiropractor would be better, or take a friend with you.

Make sure the sacroiliac joint is examined too. It's often injured in a fall on the sacrum/coccyx.

Don't expect miracles, but I can give you a reasonable assurance it will get better. Perhaps not 100%, but at least so it's not so awful.

Perhaps print this out and take it with your to your chiropractor.

Find a good chiropractor may be your next step.

Go from Coccyx pain four years to Chiropractic Tips …

I hope this has contributed.

Dr Barrie Lewis

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Snowboarding fall

by Nicki
(Melbourne Australia)

Hello Dr. Lewis!
I fell onto my coccyx 12 days ago while snowboarding. It wasn't a particularly gnarly fall and I'm actually not even sure which fall was the culprit. I'm a beginner so I fell often. There wasn't a sudden onset of pain but I did sit out the rest of the day. Sitting in the car on my side for the 4 hour drive home was very uncomfortable and I soon realized when we stopped at a gas station that I had real trouble using my pelvic floor muscles to delay urination!

The next day I couldn't move. Absolute agony.

The next day I got a prescription for 30mg codeine and an xray. A physio and osteo looked at the xray film and said it is very difficult to see the fine coccyx bones but most likely not fractured. No comment on any subluxation etc.

I'm currently experiencing pain when sitting (of course), bearing down on the loo, and a huge amount with kegel-like exercises yes, intercourse/orgasm is very painful!

I'm icing, avoiding sitting, using a donut cushion and going for short walks every day. I'm used to training at the gym 5 times per week (mostly weight lifting) so this inactivity is driving me mad!

I'm a very proactive person and trying to not get ahead of myself, but I'm worried about long term problems with all those important muscles you mention in your article . Is it too soon to receive some kind of treatment? Can a chiropractor or other health professional tell if it's out of place even with a bad xray?

Thank you so much for your time, no one has been able to give me any answers and I feel a bit lost.


Hello Nicki,
It's a particularly nasty and sensitive part because of all the other joints and muscles around it.

It doesn't sound like a fracture, because you then have immediate pain; the coccyx is either displaced or bruised from repeated small bumps, and it sounds like there is muscular injury too.

The best way to treat it is internally via the rectum; that way you can reach the muscles too, but you may have difficulty finding a chiropractor who will do it. Ask your osteopath.

It's usually not too painful, the adjustment is done with breathing to the tolerance of your pain, and takes no more than two or three minutes, repeated perhaps three or four times. It is awkward though, obviously, though I guess you women are used to loss of dignity whilst doctors poke and prod!

Use the cushion, and ice the area; you can actually get a device that you keep in the freezer than you use rectally.

Often there is involvement of the sacroiliac joint too, and sometimes the lower back, so the whole area needs to be carefully examined. Good luck! Take your husband with you.

Find a safer sport like motor bikes or flying gliders! Those are my hobbies:

Good luck, let me know how you get on in a couple weeks.

Dr Barrie Lewis

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Roller Disco fall

by Marie
(United Kingdom)

4 weeks ago I was at a Roller Disco with my friend,I fell back wards on to a concrete floor and instantly felt sick, sugar level had dropped. I was in a lot of pain and and attended my MD. She suggested using an ortho ring to sit on along with pain meds as I had possibly cracked my coccyx. Since then I have noticed when I lie down I feel like it's lying on my coccyx; this evening I was unable to get out the bath due to pain down both leg; my husband helped me out but noticed a red mark at my coccyx when I was lying in the bath . Could I have done more damage than I think? Not sure why I'm lying on my coccyx; please help.

Thank you

Dr. Barrie LewisDr. Barrie Lewis

Hello Marie,
Nasty business that fall. I would agree with your doctor; that orthopaedic ring so you don't put direct pressure is a must.

Seeing you are getting the radiating pains down your legs, and it's now a whole month, I would recommend an x-ray. Quite difficult part to see clearly.

If there's no fracture, but it's bruised, or perhaps displaced forwards then it needs to be adjusted by your chiropractor. This can usually be done externally, but occasionally via the rectum. Not pleasant but it works; if you can find someone who'll do it. Not sure what the laws are in England. In South Africa I could, in Holland not.

If there is a fracture, then you have to wait out six to eight weeks before treatment; ice helps.

Sacral fractures are not common, but that happens too.

What's needed is a careful and thorough chiropractic examination. What else has been injured? Have you slipped a disc too, injured the sacroiliac joint, etc.

I'd start by getting an xray or scan of the sacrum and coccyx. Talk to your doctor. Perhaps print this out and take it with you.

Then get on the phone and start looking for a chiropractor who'll treat a coccyx. Take hubby with you.

Good luck, let me know how you get on in a few weeks. Keep to this thread.

Dr Barrie Lewis

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Kind of unsure.

by Melanie
(Universal City, Tx. )

> > Kind of unsure.

Hello, I know it's a tailbone or coccyx injury, but I don't know of which variety. You see this pain and injury have honestly come from no where.
But just the same I'm in horrendous pain and when I ask for a ride to the doctor or hospital all I get is "it's not that bad, get over it.".

I have a very large reddish bruise on my lower back and the entire area is swollen and now producing heat. I know I need to see a health care provider. But what can I do in the mean time, this pain is horrible, it's to the point of making me nauseous.

It doesn't sound like this came from nowhere, Melanie. A large red bruise is a sign, rather than a symptom; something than can be seen rather than felt.

Really, no fall? Sorry to be rude, but not drunk and disorderly? Have you been hit by someone?

You need help. Get some professional medical attention. Soon. In the meantime, use an icepack in a facecloth for pain control.

Dr Barrie Lewis

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Sep 21, 2014
I got help.
by: Melanie

I can't remember a fall, but its possible I suppose. The kids and I do rough house a lot. I went to my doctor today, She says its a minor fracture and some sort of cyst. Thank you for your help.

A fracture without trauma doesn't make a lot of sense, Melanie. If this doesn't improve, don't leave it. Ask for a specialist opinion.

Dr Barrie Lewis

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HELP, 3 months pregnant and awful coccyx pain

I'm 4 1/2 months pregnant & I have the worst pain. I'm not sure if the injury came from my previous job (CNA) or from one time that my husband 'accidentally' dropped me on my a** one day outside. I am now working at a call center and I cannot sit for long! A coworker said my sacrum needs to be released (she went to school for massage therapy, never certified). I've tried youtube DIY relief but see none. My mom ordered me a pillow but who knows when it will arive or if it will help.

Once I even felt my hip/sacrum/butt bone area popping as I walked; it hurt. Sometimes it hurts to walk, sometimes to sit or just even standing and laying down.. there's no position that's comfortable that's not awkward due to my pregnancy; any suggestions? Maybe seeing a chiropractor. I have an appointment with my doc in 3 days I'll ask her as well; thanks.

Hello Sarah,
Whatever the cause, you have pain in a very awkward area. If it's coccydnia, then the cushion your mother has ordered - probably a donut - will certainly help. Meantime make your own as seen in our coccyx page at chiropractic Help.

A fall like that can injure all sorts; a fractured coccyx or sacrum needs to be considered.

Secondly it can affect both the coccygeal sacrum joint, and the sacroiliac joints.

The first step is to have an examination by an experienced and thorough chiropractor; only reluctantly will xrays be ordered, because of your condition.

Meantime, don't sit back on the coccyx, ice the area, make yourself a simple ring until the real thing arrives.

Start the sacroiliac joint exercises at chiropractic help; use the search function to find them.

Be sensible; the whole area is sensitive and vulnerable. You can now easily slip a disc. So no heavy lifting, nor use of the vacuum cleaner, or lots of bending.

Good luck, let me know how you get on in a month or so.

Dr Barrie Lewis

> > HELP, 3 months pregnant and awful coccyx pain

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