Broke tibula, sprained ankle, and numbness

by Kenneth
(avville ky usa)

Fell and broke the left fibula, and severely sprained my left ankle. Went to the hospital they put a boot on my foot.

Almost 2 weeks have passed; the broken fibula does not hurt, but my left foot is still pretty swollen, bruised on the sides, and my smaller toes go numb sometimes. Is this normal?

Hello Kenneth, yes, it's pretty normal. When you take the boot off, ice the whole area thoroughly.

It's a bit early, but with the boot off try to make some tiny movements of the ankle and foot, and toes.

You probably shouldn't be weight bearing yet.

You just have to be patient and weight for that fibula to heal; about six weeks.

After that I recommend you consult a local chiropractor who treats sports injuries. You most likely will also have a subluxated ankle mortise or subtalar joint and that must be reduced. But it can be doen until the fracture has healed.

Give it time; really you should be addressing this to the doctor who treated you.

Dr B

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