Breast pain during reconstruction then car accident

by Cheryl
(Valparaiso, IN)

I had a double mastectomy and the doctor was starting reconstruction doing the flap surgeries using my back muscles and the expander; then I got into a bad car accident and got necrosis, it is healing after 3 months, by now I have horrible pain in my breast, arm, ribs, shoulder etc; know one knows. Now only on the right side, left is fine.

Hello Cheryl,
To make a diagnosis of Tietze's syndrome you must have very specific costo-sternal, or clavicular sternal joint pain, with a palpable lump.

It's not impossible, but probably more likely is multiple joint injuries from the MVA and necrosis.

If you have that lump, let me know and we take this further; a photograph sent to contact would help, though it's difficult to get a clear picture; getting the light right to cast a shadow is necessary.

Dr B

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