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by D

You state about losing weight to save BP pills.... My cardio was VERY clear, that they are to be taken for LIFE. I had stopped, had a "new" problem, when given this advice. Not that losing weight is a bad idea. All this happened some 12 years ago, before I gained some weight, I have since lost.


Hello D,
Blood pressure is complex for sure, with many causes. However if you are obese I can guarantee it will drop if you get your body mass index into or near the normal range; say below 26.

Most doctors assume their patients cannot or will not lose the pounds; so they tell them the pills are for life.

So, lose the pounds, and then ask your doctor if you can reduce or stop the medication.

How you may well ask? I won't suggest it is easy, but cut out all the refined carbohydrate in your diet; you will safely and steadily lose weight. Increasing the healthy fats, especially olive oil and avocados does provide satiety; helps with hunger pangs.

You can go on eating whole grains, new potatoes and legumes. Good luck, it can be done.

The scary part of Coronavirus is that scientists are telling us that most of us will get it within a year or two; those with hypertension, the obese and diabetics are very much at risk.

This is not small beer; it's life and death.

Dr B.R. Lewis DC

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